How will the Performance-Predicting Profile help my career?

The Performance-Predicting Profile will help you choose the right career and increase your chances of success at work by giving you reliable self-knowledge about your potential, your abilities and the type of work you are likely to find most interesting, plus guidance on what work culture would most motivate you. The Performance-Predicting Profile also makes you eligible for Job-Person Matching - once a job for which you have outstanding potential comes up, you could go straight to the shortlist.

How do I get my Performance-Predicting Profile?

Register with your name and email, take the five short surveys and assessments and that's it! You'll get feedback after each assessment, and the full Performance-Predicting Profile once you're done.

How long will the assessments take?

Each assessment takes from five to twenty-five minutes to complete. Two assessments are timed - once the time limit is up, you cannot answer any more questions - so it makes sense to have an eye on the clock. The other assessments are untimed, so you can take as long as you like to complete them. We recommend you complete an assessment in a single session, but you do not have to complete all the assessments at one time.

What can I do to prepare for the assessments?

No special preparation is necessary. The assessments are trying to find out about you, not about what you have learned or prepped. The only special equipment you need is a calculator, pen and pencil for the Numerical Assessment. Otherwise just make sure you are comfortable, well-rested and will not be disturbed.

What if I don't like my Profile?

Assuming you completed all the assessments carefully and seriously - if you were multitasking or distracted, your Profile is very unlikely to be accurate - take time to get to grips with what the Profile is saying. Read the detailed definitions, think of concrete examples from your own experience, and take time to reflect. If after a few days you still feel uneasy, ask someone who knows you well at work or at school for their perspective. Remember too that the Profile deals with potential, not certainty. You are much more likely to achieve success in the ways indicated by your Profile, but no prediction is certain and you may not yet have fully reached your potential. The research behind the Performance-Predicting Profile has been rigorously tested to prove statistical probability, but new evidence can emerge.

How do you make the job-person matches?

We use proprietary algorithms to match every Performance-Predictive Profile in our database with every Job Profile to generate a shortlist of qualified, well-matched candidates for a job. The algorithms are derived from decades of research into the best predictors of performance in each job. When there is strong alignment between your Profile and the Job Profile, you could be invited to join the final selection shortlist for that job.

How long will it take me to get matched with a job?

It depends. You could get asked to join a shortlist at once, if you are a strong match for an open job in our system. Even if you don't get an immediate match, your Performance-Predicting Profile will continue to be matched with Job Profiles unless you opt out of matching. When there's a strong match, we'll contact you to see if you are interested in the job.

Will my Profile categorize me too narrowly?

Matchpoint Careers doesn't categorize or classify you. We open new possibilities by matching you against all types of job in our system, based on the real drivers of performance in each role and any necessary specialist requirements. Matchpoint Careers reveals a much richer picture of you than a resume, with more relevant and applicable characteristics so employers see your potential, not your past.

Will I be matched only with jobs in my past or current field of activity?

No. Among the core principles of Matchpoint Careers is that your future performance - and your satisfaction and rewards in your career - are much more dependent on your competencies and aptitudes, interests and motivation than on your past activities or knowledge. This is confirmed by numerous validated scientific research studies.

Who gets to see my data?

Nobody but you gets to see your individual Performance-Predicting Profile. If you accept an invitation to join a job shortlist, or if you have been directed to Matchpoint Careers by an employer as part of a job application or talent development assessment, the match between your Profile and specific jobs will be visible to the employer. We will never reveal this match data to any third party without your consent. Nor will we ever give out your personal contact details or other identifiable information. We do use aggregate data in our internal research and analyses, but none of this is personally identifiable. To learn more, see our Privacy Policy.

How long will you keep my details?

We will keep your Performance-Predicting Profile for two years, at the end of which we will contact you to ask if you want to update your records. You may contact us at any time to request removal of your Profile from our database, by emailing us at:

Who are Matchpoint Careers?

Matchpoint Careers is an international company focused on predicting performance at work. Read more about us.

What if I have a technical problem?

Contact us at and we will solve the problem.

I have forgotten my password or username, what do I do?

Contact us at