How will Job-Person Matching help our institution reach its goals?

Every education institution wants to be top choice for students. Students choose an education institution for many reasons, but increasingly they are focusing on workplace readiness - will my program equip me for a great future career? Job-Person Matching gives students that preparation through full psychometric profiles to help their development and self-knowledge, and the chance to be matched with the right job for their talents and preferences. Offering your students Job-Person Matching helps make you the institution of choice for ambitious higher education students.

How will Job-Person Matching help our students?

Every student wants a great job, and they want college to prepare them for success in that job. Job-Person Matching starts by giving students a free, comprehensive psychometric profile, which can give them the self-knowledge and basis for development they need for career success. Plus, if students are matched to a job, they can be confident that they have what it takes to be a success in that role and that organization.

What do employers of our students have to do for Job-Person Matching?

Not a lot! Profiling a job takes around five minutes. Once that's done, and applicants have completed the assessments or been sourced from our database, Matchpoint Careers presents employers with a ranked list of candidates and a detailed Match Report for each - the basis for final selection.

What do university administrators have to do for Job-Person Matching?

The system runs itself. Administrators just have to market the system to employers and get students to sign up and take the assessments - we will give you specific advice and sample marketing materials when you register and on an ongoing basis. For some education institution clients, we also advise on analyses and integrating Job-Person Matching with academic programs.

How do you make the job-person matches?

Technology does it for us! We use proprietary algorithms that draw on databases containing the results of decades of research into people, work and jobs. Matches are made on the basis of the proven predictors of performance in each role and for each person, and the organization and individual's preferred ways of working.

How will the Career Positioning System help our students?

The Career Positioning System gives students a GPS for their careers. It will help them decide on a career direction by showing them how their Performance-Predictive Profile matches the drivers of success in different roles and by recommending careers they might consider. It will also help them achieve their career goals by guiding them through a development process targeted at the specific needs of each individual and her/his target career.

How does the Career Positioning System work?

The Career Positioning System is based on the same technology and intellectual property that powers Matchpoint Careers' Job-Person Matching Program. Its algorithms take what we know about the proven predictors of success in different roles and match that to each individual student's characteristics as the basis for career choice and development advice.

How many students can the system handle?

As many as you like! The system is built for scale.

How much does the Career Positioning System cost?

You'll hate us for saying this, but it depends... Licenses are based on the size of your institution, on the length of the license term, and on the extent of extra functionality you require, but in all cases represent substantial savings over pay-per-use. Give us a call and we can talk you through the options at no obligation.

Who gets to see students' data?

The full and identifiable details of each student's data are private to that student. We do, however, frequently produce anonymized analyses of student data for education institution clients, to help institutional planning and overall student evaluation. We would encourage individual students to share their data with academic and career advisers, but in the end that's their choice.

Where do you get the jobs?

For Job-Person Matching, the open jobs come from our employer clients. The careers we match students with in the Career Positioning System are taken from the US Government Department of Labor's O*Net database of occupational information, which classifies careers based on the Standard Occupational Classification System

How long will it take students to get a job?

It depends... Students could get asked to join a shortlist at once, if they are a strong match for an open job in our system. Even if they don't get an immediate match, their Performance-Predicting Profile will continue to be matched with Job Profiles, and can give them useful self-knowledge about their potential at work. We also strongly encourage students to use the Career Positioning System to improve their career focus and to help them build their capacity for high performance in their chosen field. This can help them not only to get a job more quickly, but to get the right job where they have the best chance of outstanding success.

What's different about Matchpoint's career offerings?

Our Job-Person Matching and Career Positioning System are the most accurate, most reliable at-scale career and recruitment solutions available today. We use best-in-class proven, predictive science, not hunches or received opinions, as the basis of our advice, so students focus on the things that make the most difference to their success. We deliver our services entirely online, giving ease and speed of access without compromising quality or incurring high costs. If you want gold-standard career support for all your students, we truly believe Matchpoint is the best place to get it.

Who are Matchpoint Careers?

Matchpoint Careers is an international company focused on predicting performance at work. Read more about us.

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