How will Predictive Hiring help my organization reach its goals?

Predictive Hiring identifies - at the application stage - the candidates who have the potential to be high performers in the job. Results from hiring genuine high-potentials have included increases in revenue and profitability from higher-performing, longer-staying employees; and significant cost savings from reductions in mis-hires.

How will Predictive Hiring relieve the pressure on HR?

Predictive Hiring is quick and easy to use, and assesses candidates more reliably and more accurately than any other at-scale approach. Predictive Hiring can reduce application processing time and increase line manager satisfaction by presenting a ranked list of candidates, each accompanied by detailed analysis of their potential in the job.

How do I get Predictive Hiring?

Click here to get started. Once we get your request and have a brief initial telephone call to agree parameters, we'll log you in to a dedicated Predictive Hiring Portal. As quickly as five minutes later, you could be looking at a ranked list of candidates.

How much does Predictive Hiring cost?

We offer Predictive Hiring on a Per-Job or a Subscription Basis, at a fraction of the cost of comparable hiring approaches. Most of our clients choose a subscription, where they get unlimited use of Predictive Hiring at significant discounts. Contact us for a quote today.

How many candidates can the system handle?

As many as you've got! Our system is built for large-scale use.

Does Matchpoint source candidates?

If you want to supplement your own candidate souring, you can add candidates from our database to your applicant pool. You never know where the right person might come from...

How do you make the job-person matches?

We use proprietary algorithms to match every Performance-Predictive Profile in our database with each Job Profile to generate a ranked list of qualified, well-matched candidates for a job. The algorithms are derived from decades of research into the best predictors of performance in each job and calibrated for each role. All the necessary calculations are performed within seconds, so you can see how candidates match with the job as soon as their applications are complete.

Who are Matchpoint Careers?

Matchpoint Careers is an international company focused on predicting performance at work. Read more about us.

What if I have a technical problem?

Contact us at and we will solve the problem.

I have forgotten my password or username, what do I do?

Contact us at

I have a question that isn't covered here!

Contact our Employer Hotline at We look forward to hearing from you!